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                  All adoptions will be subject to a successful “Home Check”.
This is to verify that you have sufficient space in your home & garden, with suitable security (fences, walls etc) in order to confine your animal from escaping, being caught by a warden & returned to a council dog pound….again!
This will obviously depend upon the breed & size you wish to adopt. 
We have to charge an adoption fee to cover food, veterinary treatments, vaccinations, neutering & micro- chipping whilst animals are in our care.
This does vary slightly dependant upon breed size & condition in which they arrive. 

This gorgeous young chap is Cane. He can be shy at first but once he gets to know you this boy is lovely. He is growing in confidence all the time and it would help him to be rehomed with another confident playful dog (spayed female). Older children would suit him best. Cane will be a loyal and fantastic companion who will bring lots of love and fun to a new home. He is vacs and chipped but not neutered yet.

This smiley ginger fox is our little Happy. She is a lovely young girl who can be a little shy at first but soon comes round and wants fuss. She is vacs, chipped but has just had her first season so not yet spayed. She gets on well with other dogs and would love to be rehomed with a playmate (neutered male). Older children would suit her best. Happy will make a wonderful companion and is just waiting for her forever home.

Little Miss Sandy is a sweet small sized girl who has had to come back to us as her Mum had a bad fall and can't take care of her anymore. She is very friendly with adults and other dogs although is not a fan of children. Sandy is 1-2 years now, spayed, vacs and chipped and so sad to be back in kennels. This freckled pretty poppet needs a loving new home.

Samba is a sweet friendly boy who was a little scared when he first arrived with us but now his cheeky, bubbly personality is coming through and he has kisses and cuddles for everyone. The only way we managed to get him to sit still for this picture was to mesmerise him with treats off camera! Samba gets on really well with other dogs and is great with people but would be happier with older children. He is still a pup and has a little more growing to do but is vacs and chipped and looking for a lovely forever home.

Sadly our beautiful boy Baxter has been returned to us by his adoptive family and is looking for a home once more. He is a lovely young boy who gets on very well with other dogs and is a bouncy, happy chap. He is young, neutered, vacs and chipped and would suit a home with older teenage children or just active adults who will take him on lovely long walks and give him plenty of playtime and love. He will happily live with a neutered female doggy and is currently sharing with two females at the rescue

Valentina is a small to medium sized girl who is super friendly with people and gets on well with other dogs. She would happily live with a neutered male companion pooch. She is spayed, vacs and chipped and ready to be spoilt rotten in a lovely forever home please. Anyone?

Lovely Molly needs a very special adopter. She is great with other dogs and LOVES people she knows but come and meet her in the rescue and she will guard her kennel like an Amazonian if you are a stranger! We don't blame you for walking on by but if you happen to have a little time, and maybe a pooch or two at home (pref male) to keep her company (and you want to give a dog a chance that will othe...rwise spend the rest of her life with us) let us take you for a walk with her. Get to know her. Visit her and walk her a few times, give her a few treats and as if by magic you are no longer barked and growled at. You are loved! She has so much love to give when she stops her nonsense and trusts people. If you were to be that special someone to give her a chance she would be the most loyal dog you could wish for.

Bandit is a young JRT cross who was seized from a home where he was being neglected and mistreated (along with Smokey). The marks on his face are from having his mouth taped closed. He is a sweet, friendly boy who is good with other dogs and would happily live with a spayed female in his new home. He is now vacs and neutered and ready for a loving home.

This gorgeous young female Buttons is sweet, friendly and full of fun. She is very pretty too! Just waiting for a loving home to snap her up.

Nonny is a young dog with bags of personality. He has been in the kennels from being a pup and it is high time this gorgeous boy found himself a forever home. He is over a year old now, super friendly and loves fuss. He shares a kennel with Suzy who he loves. Nonny is being neutered next week, he is vacs, chipped etc. Nonny would suit children around age 10 and above. Someone out there must want to take this hairy beastie home with them?

Pretty and sweet Tortie female for adoption. Young adult. Gets on well with other cats. 

Here we beautiful Nugget. This sweet lad was adopted from us as a pup but was sadly returned recently. He has found being back in kennels incredibly hard and was very distressed and anxious for the first few weeks but now he is beginning to get his mojo back and a waggy tail. He is a lovely lad, a little nervous but friendly and playful. Nugget needs calm, confident and loving owners who will be patient and kind and teach him how to behave using positive training. Another confident female dog of a similar size would also help him settle. Nugget is neutered, vacs and chipped and almost 2 years old. A quiet home without children would suit him best. He has so much to offer the right home if he is given the chance to show his true character.

Bailey is such a happy lovely doggy who hates to be shut up in a kennel and really needs a loving home, ideally with people who are around most of the day. It would be EVEN better if they had a spayed female pooch to keep him company. Bailey is great with adults and children alike and such a great character. He has an old healed injury in his front leg which does not stop him running around like a nutter he just limps a little if he overdoes it. It really is time this teddy bear found the active loving home he deserves. He is neutered, vacs and chipped


Brooke has been waiting and waiting for over five long years for someone to choose him and take him home. People are put off when they see him leaping around his kennel but out of his kennel he is a super dog, brilliant on the lead and loves his walks. This intelligent, handsome boy needs a home with no children due to past experiences and would like to be an only pet. He has so much love and loyalty to give the right home. Brooke is neutered.

This gorgeous young lad is Gizzy. He really is a fabulous dog, so loving and friendly. Gizzy has a skin condition which is improving all the time and he will need good quality food and careful monitoring to ensure it doesn't flare up again. Gizzy really is a sweetheart and fantastic with other dogs. He is just waiting for the home he so deserves.

This sweetheart is Lily. Her photos don't do her justice as this girl is a stunner. She was only a tiny pup when she first arrived at BARK with the rest of her litter 5 years ago. Since then she has been in a loving home but sadly her Dad is now very poorly and can no longer take care of her so the difficult decision was made to send her back to us to find a new family. Lily is such a gentle, friendly girl. She is a little shy but adores people. She is very timid with other dogs and needs some work in this department. Lily is neutered, vacs and chipped and looking for a quiet home with lots of cuddles and walks

OK we cannot say enough good things about this silly sausage! Alfie is just wonderful and makes us laugh every day. He is an older adult perhaps 6-7 years but acts like a pup, playful and wriggly although when you fuss him he goes very still to enjoy the attention. Alfie is a real mixture of mixtures, small sized and just wants love, love, love! He hasn't a bad bone in his body. He is gradually le...arning how to walk on the lead and enjoys his walks. Alfie gets on great with other dogs and would happily live with a spayed female. He is neutered, vacs and chipped. Alfie currently has a bald patch on his head where a large scab has fallen off and taken his hair with it but this will all heal and grow back. This funny little chap is just waiting for his family

Our spotty lurcher Betsy is still waiting in the kennels for her forever home. She is a lovely loyal dog and bonds to people she knows. She is not great with other dogs and Betsy would suit an adults only home best but she has so much love to give if only someone will give her a chance. Her last home offer fell through only because the fencing was too low and the landlord would not allow it to be altered. Poor Betsy just doesn't have any luck and she deserves a normal happy life in a forever home.

Suzy has come on in leaps and bounds while at Babworth. She is very very shy but a gentle girl who gets on well with other dogs and just needs patient, kind adopters to give her a loving home. Suzy would be better in a home without children as she is quite a nervous dog. A quiet, calm home with lots of TLC and confidence building (especially with another easy going neutered male) would suit her best. She is spayed, vacs, chipped etc.

Nikki is such a lovely dog with people she knows but with strangers she can be aloof and wary. She just needs time to build trust and confidence and then you see the real Nikki. She would like to be an only pet ideally and a home without children would suit her best. Nikki is spayed, vacs and chipped and has already been waiting far too long for her forever home. Could you take the time to get to know our girl and give her a chance at a better life than kennels can offer her? 

Lola is a lovely dog, great with people and other dogs and will happily live with a neutered male in her new home. She is small to medium sized and spayed, vacs and chipped. Needs to lose a little weight but plenty of lovely walks will get soon her in shape! Can you offer this sweet girl a forever home?

Meet the very handsome Johnny! He is approx a year old and very like a black Giant Schnauzer although parentage unknown. He is a lovely, friendly and very lively lad who will suit older children as he is so bouncy and in need of some training. Johnny has an old untreated and healed injury to one of his front legs/ shoulder but this does not seem to bother him if he is kept in warm conditions. Clearly rescue kennels in winter are no good for him at all. He would benefit from good quality joint supplements/ hydrotherapy in the future. Johnny is looking for a home who can cope with the training needs of a big adult dog who acts like a puppy. He is a stunning dog, neutered, vacs and chipped and waiting for the right family. We have yet to test him with cats and dogs more info on this to follow.

Little Elsie pup is a small sized cutie pie. Her Mum Lady now Poppy was adopted and Elsie and her brothers are waiting for their families. Elsie is around 5-6 months old and a cuddly, wriggly sweetie who can be shy of men and strangers at first but it doesn't take long for her to be all over folks asking for cuddles. She is great with other dogs and could live with a neutered male. Elsie is not yet spayed and this must be done by her new owners if she is adopted before she is old enough for BARK to have her spayed. She is vacs and chipped and her suitcase is packed now she just needs a forever home full of cuddles, toys and fun!

This is Honey, another beautiful female puppy, the largest of the litter but she will still be small to med sized fully grown. Honey loves her cuddles and is such a sweet girl. She is vacs and chipped and just waiting for her family.



 Poor old Rex desperately needs a home. He is 8-10 years young, so sweet and affectionate with the ladies but takes a little longer to trust men. He needs to be an only dog but is happy to pass dogs out on a walk as long as they don't get in his space (he does not react or lunge at other dogs who are around him if not right up close). Rex is perfect on the lead just plods happily along at your side.... He loves fuss and cuddles and flirts with all the lady visitors to get them to fuss him and give him a scratch behind the ears. He has been with us over three years now and all the staff long to see him in his own home. He is available for long term foster as an oldie or adoption on a reduced fee. He is neutered and chipped. No children or cats.

Toby is a sweet lovely boy, less than a year old and super friendly and cuddly. He is great with other dogs and has already been neutered, vacs and chipped. He will be a medium sized, gentle and gorgeous boy who just needs his very own home!


This little girly catching some rays yesterday is Silvy. She is a small sized young adult female who is spayed, vacs and chipped. Silvy is settling in and starting to come out of her shell more. She is a sweet dog who can be nervous with new people but is soon your best friend once she knows you are kind. She has the most beautiful stripey markings and is a lovely girl who gets on really well with other dogs. She would happily live with a neutered male in her new home.

Gorgeous young girl Baby is a small sized doggy who is quite shy but doing great and sweet personality is coming through. She loves her walks with her best mate and kennel companion Jasper. They play together beautifully and a confident neutered male doggy pal in her new home would be a bonus for her. She is vacs and chipped and will soon be old enough to be spayed. She will make a lovely companion and will blossom in the right home.


Meet Brian! This little man is a mini collie in every way, lively, energetic, agile (this boy can climb, spin and jump and we see potential agility/flyball champion material!) and with all this he has THE sweetest temperament. He loves fuss, cuddles and attention and plenty of it. Brian gets on really well with other dogs and would love a spayed female companion. He is approx 2-3 years old, neutered, vacs and chipped. He is not very used to being on a lead but just needs a little training. He really is a beautiful little chap who will love an active lifestyle and lots of play and fun.


This is Shane who the staff have nicknamed Dobby! He is a lovely boy, gets on well with other dogs and is looking for a forever home. He is neutered, vacs and chipped and a young boy with bags of energy. He would suit older children in a new home and would love a spayed female doggy companion.

This gorgeous girly is Ebony. She is 1-2 years old and currently undergoing her vaccinations and assessment but it is safe to say she loves people and fuss! When she is fully vacs we will test her further with dogs but her reactions have all been great so far. Ebony has just finished a season so will also need to be spayed before leaving BARK but this sweet dog is going to need a fabulous forever home very soon. We think she's just beautiful.

This is Fetita a cross brees female 1-2 years


This is Rupert, a special little chap who is long in body, short in leg and big in personality! He has been waiting for a forever home for a few years now and is around 6 years old. He desperately needs to get out of the kennel environment and into a home as he gets over excited when he sees people and a lead and can be a bit OTT, grabbing the lead and us in his giddiness to be out in the sunshine...! As soon as he is out on a walk he is a champ and this would soon stop in a home environment. He is such a fantastic character. Sadly he does not get on well with other dogs but he would love an adults only home where he could just be himself and enjoy life, showing what a loving boy he really is. Rupert is neutered and chipped.

Flossie is a lovely older girl around 8-10 years. She is a malamute cross and a gorgeous big cuddly bear of a dog who just loves fuss and attention from people but due to her size would be best with older teenage children. She would need to be an only dog as she is not so keen on her own kind! Flossie has so much love to give and she deserves a retirement home where she can enjoy some comforts. She loves her walks and needs to lose some weight. We are looking for a long term foster or adoption for a reduced fee for this lovely girl. She needs to be out of the kennels and enjoying life in her old age! She is vacs, spayed and chipped etc. Flossy a very large Husky Cross Female loves people but dislikes other dogs 

This is Pippa, a lovely shy girl around 4 years old who suffered terrible abuse in her past and is very brave considering that for months we could not get this girl to leave her kennel or bed without carrying her. Pippa needs a very patient calm home with no children. She can live with another male if carefully introduced (she can be a bit choosey!) and currently lives with Cesar our tripaw. She is a sweetheart and in the right home will continue to make amazing progress. Pippa will always hold her head slightly to one side due (we suspect) to being hurled by a dog catchers pole by the neck in Romania.

This is Snoopy, a loveAluna was very nervous and shy when she came into us but this little girl is now happy, friendly and has a tail wag for all our visitors. She is looking for a home without children, but she would happily live with another dog and shares with Ellie at the moment. Aluna will make a lovely companion and is ready for a home of her own. She is spayed, vacs and small sized cross breed boy who has just come into the rescue. He is less than a year old, vacs, chipped and neutered and looking for a new home. A real sweetheart.

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