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                  All adoptions will be subject to a successful “Home Check”.
This is to verify that you have sufficient space in your home & garden, with suitable security (fences, walls etc) in order to confine your animal from escaping, being caught by a warden & returned to a council dog pound….again!
This will obviously depend upon the breed & size you wish to adopt. 
We have to charge an adoption fee to cover food, veterinary treatments, vaccinations, neutering & micro- chipping whilst animals are in our care.
This does vary slightly dependant upon breed size & condition in which they arrive. 

Danny 2 Red is new into the rescue and he really is a super young dog. As well as being absolutely gorgeous he is super friendly with humans and other dogs and very well socialised. An absolute old cross bree male

This is Tiggy, a lovely sweet friendly girl who craves attention from the humans but is less keen on her own kind so would prefer to be an only dog! She is around four years old, spayed, vacs and chipped and just waiting for a forever home full of cuddles and love.

Bailey has sadly been returned to the rescue after being adopted as he did not cope well when left alone in the house. He is a lovely boy with a fantastic friendly nature and will need patient, understanding adopters to help him overcome his separation anxiety. He may benefit from being rehomed with another dog (neutered female) so he has company when left without the humans. Bailey is vacs, neutered and chipped.

Marco a male 6 month old crossbreed

Lovely Lila is new to Babworth. She is an older girl but very spritely and playful. We think she is around 8 to 10 years young. Lila is a sweet friendly girl who so far appears good with other dogs and people. She does not like cats however. Lila has a few front teeth missing and her eyes are a little cloudy but she otherwise appears to be in rude health and will enjoy playing with toys and an active life with daily walks. Can you offer Lila the home she deserves. She is spayed, vacs and chipped.

Nemo a male 6 month old cross breed puppy will make a perfect family pet

Nonny a small male 6 month old cross breed

Dixon a male cross breed only 8 months old  

This sweet young girl is Daisy. She is shy at first but very loving and friendly and great with other dogs (apart from when she is eating!). Daisy will try to give you kisses if you are within range and loves her fuss. This lovely small- sized girl is vacs, spayed and chipped and ready for a forever home. Due to her food aggression older or no children would be better for Daisy and she will need to be fed separately from other dogs until she learns that she does not have to worry about getting enough food anymore.

Murphy is an older boy around 9-10 years who is looking for a nice retirement home with no children. He is very choosey with other dogs so would probably prefer to be an only one now and have his humans to himself. He is a little shy with new people but lovely when he knows them and will make someone a great companion. Murphy is neutered.


Brooklyn is approx 3 years old and need to be rehomed as an only dog and with no kids brook has been with us almost 4 years

Little Terri is a complete sweetheart and loves her fuss. She is shy but lovely and great with other dogs. This sweet small-sized girl is just waiting for a loving family to take her home. She is vacs, spayed and chipped. Have you got a lap needing a dog snuggled up on it?! Terri could be the perfect dog for you.

This gorgeous young girl is Peggy. Peggy came into us a very shy, nervous dog who was timid with people and nervous around other dogs. In the past months she has transformed into a confident, happy and friendly dog and she now shares a kennel with our big fluffy boy Campino and adores him. She really is a sweetheart who just wants to run and play and desperately needs a loving home of her own now to be truly happy. We are rehoming lovely Peggy on behalf of another rescue organisation so she must go to a home that are happy to maintain contact with them and abide by their adoption contract after she leaves BARK

Yuma a medium size 3 year old cross breed lovely and friendly

Betsy 3 Years old lurcher female

Suzy has come on in leaps and bounds while at Babworth. She is very very shy but a gentle girl who gets on well with other dogs and just needs patient, kind adopters to give her a loving home. Suzy would be better in a home without children as she is quite a nervous dog. A quiet, calm home with lots of TLC and confidence building (especially with another easy going neutered male) would suit her best. She is spayed, vacs, chipped etc.

Nicki cross breed female 18mths old


Shelley a female cross breed only 8 months old 

This handsome hairy is Jimmy and he is a fabulous dog, gentle, friendly and a complete delight. He is sharing with our other new boy Jasper and they are getting on great. Jimmy is neutered, vacs, chipped and just waiting for his forever family


holly is a typical young staffy x lots of energy needs further training , is ok to live with children ,holly will need an active home to fulfill her engery levels.


 Rex is a rottie x and is around 8 years old needs to be an only dog and needs an experinced home with large breeds.

Sook a small terrier type crossbreed female only 18 months old needs a loving home


This is Tinkerbell a young shy girl who lives with Tommy in the cattery and needs a quiet home with lots of patience and TLC to build her confidence with people.

Campino a male cross breed only 8 months old


Other: Arthur may have little legs, but boy, can he move! He's an adorable little friendly thing and absolutely love Princess. He can get a bit of separation anxiety when not around her so would preferably like to be homed with another dog.

This sweetheart is Ellie. She is still very shy and scared of walking on the lead but is such a lovely girl who would flourish one on one in a home. She has that wonderful ability to smile that some dogs have and will grin and wag when you go in to see her. She tends to stay in the back of the kennel when visitors walk round but she is good with other dogs and a confident laid back male pooch companion would really help her in a new home. Ellie desperately needs to get out of the kennel and build trust and love in a home of her own. Ideally adults only as she is so nervous. Ellie is spayed, vacs and chipped.


This is Fetita a cross brees female 1-2 years

This stunning hairy beastie is Jasper. He is new to the rescue and oh how we love him. He is an absolute cuddle monster, a gentleman through and through and quite simply anyone would be lucky to have this chap in their life! He is great with other dogs and sharing with the equally awesome and hairy Jimmy. Jasper is neutered, vacs and chipped and ready for a wonderful home

 Here we have the three pups Happy (left), Cane and Baby. These three are painfully shy and have been slowly improving day by day since they arrived with us at BARK. All three will need very patient, understanding adopters who will give them the time and careful training to make them brave enough to face the world and trust the humans! They each have their own characters and will be wonderful when they learn to overcome their fears.

Rupert a Jack russel cross hienz 57 a lovely boy, happy little dog with a great temprement

Flossy a very large Husky Cross Female loves people but dislikes other dogs 

Aluna was very nervous and shy when she came into us but this little girl is now happy, friendly and has a tail wag for all our visitors. She is looking for a home without children, but she would happily live with another dog and shares with Ellie at the moment. Aluna will make a lovely companion and is ready for a home of her own. She is spayed, vacs and chipped.

This is Pippa, a lovely shy girl around 4 years old who suffered terrible abuse in her past and is very brave considering that for months we could not get this girl to leave her kennel or bed without carrying her. Pippa needs a very patient calm home with no children. She can live with another male if carefully introduced (she can be a bit choosey!) and currently lives with Cesar our tripaw. She is a sweetheart and in the right home will continue to make amazing progress. Pippa will always hold her head slightly to one side due (we suspect) to being hurled by a dog catchers pole by the neck in Romania.

This is Snoopy, a loveAluna was very nervous and shy when she came into us but this little girl is now happy, friendly and has a tail wag for all our visitors. She is looking for a home without children, but she would happily live with another dog and shares with Ellie at the moment. Aluna will make a lovely companion and is ready for a home of her own. She is spayed, vacs and small sized cross breed boy who has just come into the rescue. He is less than a year old, vacs, chipped and neutered and looking for a new home. A real sweetheart.

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