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Cross breed
Approx 5 years
Lovely Bella has been with us for quite a while now. She is around 5 years old. Bella, like so many rescues, can be shy at first. She loves people she knows and has a fabulous, fun personality but she needs a home who won’t throw too much at her too soon and are willing to give her the time and space to settle that she needs. She was adopted briefly some time ago but one week in her Adopters had a house full of guests and Bella became very stressed and snapped at one of them. Patience and time is so important when settling in any dog but especially a rescue dog. They may not show obvious signs of stress but they will be and will need weeks and months to relax completely and know they are home. Taking things slow and steady makes such a difference. Bella is a lively, active medium sized dog and gets on fine with other dogs so can live with a neutered male. She would suit a calm home with no young children. Hopefully she will get her second chance soon.

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