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Labrador cross
3-4 years
Lucky has been with us far too long. This daft, bouncy Labrador cross has so much going for him but he really does need some luck. He is energetic, happy and playful and loves to run in our field. He is super friendly with everyone he meets but the one time he was rehomed he lost his confidence and became nervous. The Adopters were not experienced enough to work through it so he was returned within days. The perfect home for Lucky would be with a confident spayed female pooch companion who likes to play and with experienced, patient humans. He needs time and patience in a new home to settle and find his paws as he will be nervous at first but having a dog companion will really help. He is 3-4 years old now and he shouldn’t be spending his ‘prime’ in a Rescue Kennels when he has so much love to give. Lucky is neutered, vacs and chipped and waiting to meet you...

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