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Cross breed
Approx 7 years
Nikki is our second longest stay dog after Rupert and it is heartbreaking as there really is no good reason for this beautiful, sweet and gentle dog to have spent years waiting in Kennels to be noticed. The main reason? She’s shy! With staff and volunteers she is happy, smiley and loving as you can see. She loves to run and play and loves a fuss. When she meets new people, however, she shies away, averts her eyes, the tail goes under and the smile fades. Then people sadly walk past to the next dog. Nikki just needs some ‘getting to know you’ time. She doesn’t trust on sight but once you take the time her wonderful personality comes shining through. She loves a game of football in the field and a cuddle (and a kiss!). Nikki is in her middle years small medium sized and spayed and chipped. She needs to be the only pet (she doesn’t mind dogs out and about but likes her own space at home) and would suit a quieter adults only home best. She really does have so much love to give the people who finally take a chance on her and give her the home she truly deserves after all this time.

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