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Cross breed
2-3 years
This bundle of fun is Noah. He is a very handsome chap and looks like flat coat retriever mixed with a collie and out popped Noah! He has a glorious coat that will need regular grooming to keep it looking fabulous. Noah is 2-3 years old, vacs, neutered and chipped. He is looking for an active home with lots of time for walks and training. He can be quite dominant and may become guardy if his territory so will need experienced Adopters willing to put the work in to make sure he doesn’t refuse strangers admittance! He is ok with other dogs out and about but would be better as the only pet in the home. Noah is fabulous and super friendly with humans he knows and out of his kennel but in the kennel he often barks aggressively at visitors which doesn’t help him find a home- but try telling him that! Give him a chance and meet him out in the field and you see the real Noah. What a stunning, fun and loyal companion he would be for the right humans.

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