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French Bull Dog

Hugh is a brindle French Bull Dog, approx 8 years old and neutered, vacs and chipped. He needs an experienced and special home who will accept him for who he is as despite us always being honest about him to potential adopters they return him for the issues we told them clearly that he has sadly. He does not like other dogs and is reactive when out on the lead. He must be the only pet and walked on lead where there are no other dogs or if he has a large garden to play in he may just be happiest staying at home (he obviously must be watched/ accompanied in the garden at all times). Hugh is very loving with people he knows but needs careful introductions to strangers and will snap if they try to stroke him uninvited. If you would like a great, fun and loving companion and you don't have many visitors (a simple baby gate can keep Hugh and anyone who comes safe) then he really will be fantastic but we really want Hugh's next home to be forever so any adopter must be happy to have a dog who doesn't want to socialise with animals or people! 

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