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Cross breed
3-4 years

Our beautiful gentle giant Fram was adopted a few months ago but sadly he really struggled with urban life and despite the family's best efforts they had to admit that they simply did not live in the kind of environment he can cope with. Fram struggles with his fears and anything from a strange man to an umbrella or a hat can make him hit the deck or throw himself into the nearest hedge. He is a sweet soul and was fantastic with their dog and cats but leaving the home or being left in the home left him very stressed. Fram is only three and hopefully has a long life ahead. We know now that he needs a quiet, rural life where walks will not involve much more than fields and wildlife. He does travel really well in the car now. He gravitates to women more but this is not always the case as some men he is great with on sight. He has clearly suffered in the past and brings his baggage with him. He is a special boy and needs a very special home. Fram is neutered, vacs and chipped. 

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