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Rottie cross
4-6 years
Beautiful, handsome, bonkers Lenny needs a special home. He’s a big fella with a big personality and he just loves life. He loves his humans, he loves cuddles, he loves to charge around like a loon and he is just too much pooch for most people! Lenny is a big favourite at the Rescue and shows us all his slobbery love but in a home our Lenny is a handful and never seems to run out of energy. He’s a far cry now from the skin and bone subdued boy he once was. This boy needs a very active lifestyle and may suit living on a smallholding or property with an extra large secure garden rather better than suburbia. He needs space to run and play and burn off the bonkers and lots of time to do it. He’s such a fabulous dog and it would be a crying shame if we couldn’t find him the special home he needs to find his happy. Lenny is neutered, vacs and chipped. He needs to be the only pet ideally and with no small humans as he is will knock them flying.

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