British short haired
Under 6 months
We are all boys and all brothers. We had a bad start in life as our poor Mum was living wild but luckily some kind people helped her and us and now our Mum won’t be having any more kittens and we have been living life well fed and warm and getting used to you humans. We are still wary and we need really kind, patient homes who will give us lots of one to one and help us become truly relaxed and happy as domestic cats. It is also super important that our adopters commit to neutering us when we are old enough so we don’t add to the problem everyone who has helped us is trying to fix! We don’t want to spend our lives fighting and chasing the ladies like our Dad and so many others. Special humans who would love to help any of us can meet us at BARK any day 11.30 to 2.30

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