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Labrador cross

Sara is one of those very frustrating dogs we regularly get in the rescue (we have a few!) who, once settled in, love the staff and volunteers to bits and with them they are wonderful, friendly and adoring pooches. With strangers however they are very different. Who would want to adopt a dog who when they go past their kennel acts like a great white shark! Outside the kennel meeting people in the field she is so much better (especially with women) and will take treats and do her usual trick of running up to the top of the field to bury them! (She hasn’t figured out this just means other dogs find em and eat em later!) Sara is an amazing, loving and loyal dog with folks she considers friends but she needs adopters who would make multiple visits to get to know her and who will be happy to have a dog they must keep completely separate from visitors and strangers and/ or muzzle train. Sara is 3-4 years old, spayed, vacs and chipped and we hope will get her happy ending despite being so flipping anti-social!

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